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Country Cousins aims to beautify any home, office, or school with a touch of natural class. As our hectic schedules increasingly force us away from nature, Country Cousins puts it back – in the form of designer aquariums, pristine ponds, and landscaped gardens.

With a decade of experience behind us, let Country Cousins decorate your theatre of nature. We offer a full suite of professional services from consultation and design, to installation and maintenance.

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  Designer Aquariums  

Over the years, we have achieved a perfectly simple aquarium setup. Our internal overflow filters replace cumbersome sump tanks,maximizing your space. Our lights are modular and don't need ballasts, meaning you can easily change them yourself. We advise the best spot to locate your tank to reduce algae growth and avoid heat. This means our quiet cooling fans are enough to chill water; you save on expensive and bulky chillers. Everything works simply.


We believe your aquarium should work for you, and not the other way around. Everything we put into your aquarium revolves around this principle.

The plants work for you. Our secret recipe of fauna don't grow too fast you have to keep clipping them, nor too slowly they bore you out. They grow just healthily enough to look great, while cleansing the water 24 hours a day.

Cabinet Aquariums
Geylang Bukit Panjang  Balestier Clarke Quay Claymore 1 Claymore 2 Dalvey  Tanjung Rhu Tuas Wessex Kembangan
Coffee Table Aquariums
Loyang Zion Nu-Reflections
Bar Counter Aquariums
River ValleyMarket St
Low Rise Aquariums
Bukit Timah 2 Marine Terrace Maris Stella Siglap Thomsom Bukit Timah 1
  Ponds and Waterfalls  

After ten years of designing beautiful aquariums, we decided to express our love for nature on a bigger stage.

From dug-in to concrete to fiberglass ponds, we’ve used the same philosophy – simplicity and harmony – to create visually stunning, low-maintenance aquatic habitats.

Starting with the classic pond fish, the koi, we supply and care for thoroughbred species sourced from the best farms in Singapore. These are complemented by a range of worker fish such as Mosquito fish and industrious Algae-eaters.

We use our horticulture experience to choose semi-aquatic plants that break down toxins and soften the hardscape. The result is a whirl of colours and movement in clean, crystal-clear water.

Paired with rock, wood or fiberglass waterfalls, you will love these sanctuaries for homes, or educational exhibits for schools.

Edgefield @ Punggol 	Jalan Asas 1 Jalan Asas 2 Mt Rosie - Filtration Construction Mt Rosie Reflections @ Bukit Chandu 1 Reflections @ Bukit Chandu 2 Zhonghua Secondary School @ Serangoon Assumption Pathlight School @ Cashew
  Gardens and Landscapes  

Country Cousins creates and maintains beautiful home and school gardens using English-speaking, WSQ-qualified landscape technicians, and the latest maintenance equipment.

Our experience in horticulture, plant selection and pest management will ensure your garden will look sharp at all times.

Our suite of services comprises:
• Design and Maintenance of gardens
• Facelift for failing gardens
• Landscaping using GFRC simulated boulders
• Planting of new plants / shrubs


Singapore may be the Garden City, but most children and adults spend most of their day indoors in classrooms and offices. So we’ve found every excuse to spread our love for nature indoors.

This has seen us speak to students and working professionals alike, at CUGE and NParks, Channel NewsAsia, and Singapore Polytechnic. Contact us here for professional sessions on entrepreneurship, aquarium and pond chemistry, plant phytoremediation, and fishes.

In our terrarium-making classes, there’s a little something to take home. Students love it, and workers bond best out of the office. Contact us here for interactive science classes or corporate team-bonding sessions.

Garden Aquarium @ Maris Stella Pri Sch Edutags @ Maris Stella Pri Sch Green Thumbs @ Bishan Park Lesson @ Montfort Junior School 1 Lesson @ Montfort Junior School 2 Pushcart Exhibition @ Bt Timah Plaza Retail Training @ Nature Co. 1 Retail Training @ Nature Co. 2 Terrarium Making Class 1 Terrarium Making Class 2 Terrarium Making Class 3 War Diorama 1 War Diorama 2 Aquarium Room @ Catholic High
  About Country Cousins  

Over the past decade, we have been proud to serve a wide range of clients comprising Schools & Tertiary institutions, Offices and Commercial spaces, Private Condos and Houses, and Public Gardens.

We specialise in
Ponds and Waterfalls
Designer Aquariums
Garden Landscapes

We also offer a full suite of professional services
• Design consultancy for aquascapes and pondscapes
• Maintenance service for schools, offices, and homes
• Educational talks for schools and Team-bonding sessions for corporations

Some of our Clients

Schools and Tertiary Institutions

Offices and Commercial Spaces

Public Gardens

Country Cousins is a boutique company specialising in nature-based projects for public and private clients.

Our skill set includes creating and designing high-grade aquariums, ponds, waterfalls, and gardens; as well as conducting educational / team-building classes such as terrarium-making.

Our clients range from schools such as CHIJ and ITE, public entities such as NLB and National Museum, and companies such as Sino Water and Lighted Pixels. We have also done work internationally and for local celebrities such as Denise Keller and Michelle Chia.

With a passion for sharing our love of nature, we have been invited speakers at the Centre for Urban Greenery and Ecology (CUGE), Blog TV on Channel NewsAsia, and Singapore Polytechnic. We have also been covered by The New Paper, Shin Min Daily, The Straits Times and Channel 8 news.


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